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Our History

Camp Custer Log Cabins are the former officer's quarters of Camp Custer, a CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Camp that housed hundreds of young men during The Great Depression of the 1930's.


For 8 years it served as the home of the Camp Custer US Army officers. One may walk across the road and see the foundations of the buildings that were once part of Camp Custer. In all of South Dakota, these two ponderosa pine log cabins near Custer South Dakota are all that remain of the CCC Camp.


Our Pine Crest Cabin is in the National Register of Historic Sites. Much of Sky View Cabin is original, but is not registered due to a recent addition.


The 2 Ponderosa Pine cabins were built in 1933 for the officers of Camp Custer (F-12).

Men in the CCC camps used Army pyramid tents, left over from World War 1, for temporary quarters until trees were cut, lumber sawed, and buildings constructed.



The Army officers quarters in progress.  Today, this is the main section of our Sky View Cabin.

The Forestry officers quarters in progress.  Today, this is our Pine Crest Cabin, recognized in the National Register of Historic Sites.

I The main camp just across the road from the officers quarters on Black Hills National Forest Service land.

Enjoy more photos of Camp Custer's

early days when you come for a visit! Both cabins

contain great photos and other pieces of

Camp Custer Log Cabin history.

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Camp Custer Log Cabins

​11705 Elliott Road

Custer, South Dakota 57730

Tel: (605) 673-3683


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