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Welcome Bikers!

There are 5 miles of well maintained gravel road to the cabins.  There are no steep hills and the gravel is small. We host motorcycles all season with no problems.  But of course the road can get dusty.

Happy to help you get here!

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1. Take Hwy 16 North of Custer for 2 miles.

2. Go 3/4 mile West on Medicine Mt Rd (Directly across from Heritage Village Campground)

3. Turn Left on Custer Limestone Rd for 3 1/2 miles.

4  Turn right onto Saginaw Rd for 1/2 mile.

5. Turn Left onto Elliott Rd for 1/4 mile


Then you will be at Camp Custer Log Cabins


If coming From the North through Hill City you will go a little over a mile past Crazy Horse Mt then turn go West onto Medicine Mt Rd.

Then follow the above directions.  


(It is a total of 5 miles from the hwy. If you go over that you are lost!)

Camp Custer Log Cabins Map, Custer SD cabin rentals, Black hills vacation Lodging
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